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"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing." Albert Einstein


Statement of CSEA State President Danny Donohue on the passing of former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo

“Mario Cuomo was a man of unquestioned commitment to effective and accountable government. His intellect and work ethic were second to none. His leadership challenged all to work harder for a better New York.

CSEA members offer our prayers and best wishes to Matilda, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the entire Cuomo family.”

From the desk of Region 1 President Nick LaMorte:

Domestic Violence Seminar Scheduled For January 15

CSEA members are invited to the Long Island region office in Commack for an informative seminar on a serious subject. The seminar will be hosted by former Women's Committee Chair Catherine Custance who will discuss the different forms of domestic violence, explian why this is a union issue and outline strategies for prevention and an effective union response. Please call the region office at 631-462-0030 for more information.

A Message From Long Island Region President Nick LaMorte

January 2015

The beginning of a New Year is a good time to establish priorities. In 2015, I think we should renew our commitment to the principle of solidarity because it is the foundation of our union. We must remember that CSEA is one union and the various locals and units in the Long Island region must stand together as a united entity at all times.

If we keep this in mind and rely on each other as inevitable challenges are encountered, the probability of our success increases greatly. It may seem like I’m stating the obvious, but in actuality, we often become solely focused on the issues and concerns that affect us directly and lose sight of the big picture.

This is human nature and a natural tendency that we have to guard against. That’s why it is important to emphasize the basic tenet of union solidarity once more. There is no doubt in my mind that our unity was a key factor in helping us fend off the many challenges we faced in 2014. So let me recount several specific instances where our commonality was on display for all to see.

We protected the jobs and interests of our members in several high-profile situations.

LIDC Local 430 activists joined a coalition of concerned private citizens and public advocacy groups called “The Committee to Help Save Sagamore” to fight against a plan to close that much needed institution. This effort had a profound effect on state legislators who reached a deal to keep the facility open. A committee-driven petition garnered more than 7,000 signatures from local residents to support the preservation of Sagamore.

The Nassau Interim Finance Authority voted to lift a three-year wage freeze on Nassau Local 830 members after the State Senate and Assembly approved legislation allowing the use of revenue-generating “speed cameras” in school zones. The existing contract was extended to July 2017, while providing members with an immediate cost of living increase and annual salary percentage increases thereafter.

Long Island region members also traveled to Albany to relate their valid concerns to state legislators as part of our annual involvement in AFSCME Lobby Day. These concerned members filtered through the Legislative Office Building to speak with Assemblypersons and Senators from their home districts about issues vital to working people.

Activists from Nassau and Suffolk counties then joined with other grassroots organizations as part of a statewide pushback over Governor Cuomo’s bad budget priorities that would have made income inequality even worse. They urged residents in various communities to contact their local legislators and recommend they support a budget that works for people, not big new tax breaks for the rich at our expense.

CSEA initiated an effective community and media outreach effort when the Mayor of Westbury Village initiated an oppressive campaign to destabilize the labor/management relationship and demoralize our members working in the highway and sanitation departments, with the ultimate goal of privatizing these services.

His short-sighted crusade sought to undermine 22 union workers affiliated with Nassau Municipal Employees Local 882 and lessen the quality of the essential services they provide. Our work in this regard alerted residents that their elected officials reduced sanitation and recycling routes from four to three and placed an undue burden on DPW workers who must now do more with less

Long Island region officers and activists participated in a Strong Communities Work brainstorming session, in conjunction with our counterparts from regions two and three. Our task force decided to launch a campaign to protect the voting rights of the people, while region two chose to shore up support for a raise in the minimum wage and region three resolved to ease the problems of hunger and homelessness.

We responded to a Newsday report with a forceful statement when community backlash caused board members in the Miller Place School District to try to blame the union and the collective bargaining process for the fact that students were left without in-house food services for the first two months of the school year.

CSEA also offered a media statement to clarify matters when a misleading article about the Hicksville Library contract negotiations appeared in the Hicksville News. The article was particularly troubling because it featured several false and conflicting statements from an influential member of the library board.

I’m sure we will face similarly difficult challenges in 2015 and that’s why we must continue to champion the cause of those who struggle to put food on the table, pay the rent or mortgage, provide healthcare for their families and protect their jobs.

Remember that Long Island works because we work! So stand strong by standing united and please accept my wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!



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